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Oasas Alcohol Evaluations

In Suffolk County, those charge with driving while intoxicated, driving while ability impaired by alcohol, and other alcohol related offenses will usually be required to undergo an alcohol evaluation. Either the court or prosecutor will require the evaluation prior to any plea bargain involving a reduction in the charges, or the court or probation will require an evaluation after the case is resolved. In addition, it is common for an attorney to send a client for an alcohol or drug evaluation on his or her own in order to show that the client does not have an alcohol or substance problem, or in the alternative, to show that the client is addressing any alcohol or substance abuse problem.

New York Law requires that all alcohol evaluations related to alcohol driving offenses be completed by a New York State OASAS  ( Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services) Certified Counselor. In addition, New York State has established strict rules on how these evaluations are to be conducted. Among them, all screenings must be conducted in person, face to face, not online or through the mail. Finding the right Alcohol or Substance abuse counselor is very important. AlcoholEvaluation.com is a directory of OASAS certified alcohol counselors. If you have been charged with a Suffolk County DWI and have questions regarding an Oasas alcohol evaluation or treatment, call Suffolk County DWI attorney    Gary S. Miller