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Impaired Driver Program (IDP)

In Suffolk County, upon being convicted of driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired, the court will often require the defendant to enter and complete the NYS DMV Impaired Driver Program (formerly known as the drunk driving program / DDP). The Impaired Driver Program involves 7 weekly classroom sessions totaling 16 hours of instruction. In addition some of the participants will be referred for an alcohol evaluation and subsequent treatment.

In New York, anyone convicted of driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired will have their license suspended or revoked, however by taking the drunk driving program, those convicted of driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired can often have their driving privileges restore sooner than those who do not take it. In fact upon enrolling in the drinking driver program, many participants will be automatically be eligible for a conditional license. 

There is a $75 fee upon enrolling in the Drinking Driver Program payable to the NYS DMV. Once in the program, there is an additional fee not to exceed $234, payable to the program you attend.

You may be dropped from the Impaired Driver Program for failing to attend a class, failing to go for a required evaluation or treatment, failing to satisfactorily participate in the program, or failing to pay the program fees. If dropped from the program, you will lose your conditional license, and may be subject to additional penalties from the court.

Those dropped from the IDP may re-enter providing they obtain consent from the IDP director. If permitted to re-enter, a $50 re-entry fee, however those who are dropped from the IDP for more than 90 days must start the entire seven week course all over again and pay the course fees again as well.